Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First time out be nice

Well here goes I first want to say that I'm not a professional writer so if grammar and punctuation are your game my blog will probably bother you a lot. Anyway like my profile says I'm in a transitional time in my life things are up in the air and I hope they don't fall down on my head. I got layed off from my job as a forklift mechanic about six months ago, moved from California to Pennsylvania, flew back to Cali and bought a truck and then did it again. I might mention that all the while I have been going through my first semester of college. Things have been crazy to say the least. My awesome wife is trying her ass off to get a job and that's going very very slowly, cross everything on your body you can cross. We are living with the mother inlaw from hell...really! Oh yeah there's our two kids and a cat to take into consideration too. Just non-stop looney bin fun yay!

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